Light & Airy Indianapolis Family
and Newborn Photographer


hi there!



I'm an Indianapolis family and newborn photographer,
a believer, a grateful wife, and three littles

(ages 7 and under) call me mama!

Friend, you are definitely in the right place if you...

...want to savor and find joy in motherhood

(and know it involves a lot of grace, prayer + reheated coffee).

... want heart melting images to sigh over when the baby you're snuggling now is 24 and a graduating senior.

...want to create a visual legacy recording the tender love story of your marriage for your grandchildren

and great-grandchildren.

I'm here to capture and preserve all of it!

The snuggles, giggles, tickle fights...and the way he looks at you.

I'm here to documenting the abundant grace + faithfulness God is weaving in your family’s legacy.

Let's go!

Katelyn Ng is a light and airy newborn and family photographer serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.