hi there!


Indianapolis family photographer,
  believer, grateful wife, mama of three

Friend, you are definitely in the right place if ...

... you want to savor and find joy in motherhood

(and know it involves a lot of grace, prayer + reheated coffee).

... you want heart melting images to sigh over when the baby you're snuggling now is 24 and a graduating senior.

... you want to create a visual legacy recording the tender love story of your marriage for your grandchildren

and great-grandchildren.

I'm here to capture and preserve all of it!

The snuggles, giggles, tickle fights...and the way he looks at you.

I'm here to bring you fresh courage for motherhood.

Let's do this!

a little more 



. Right about now, you probably are wondering how to pronounce my last name! (Don't worry, most people don't know how!). It's pronounced "ing"  (Like, thriving, driving, eating...)

I'm an Indianapolis native, gratefully married to Dan, (who I dated and fell in love with in college). 

I've had the privilege of photographing families for nine years!

On an average day, I'm wearing a messy ponytail or a quick side braid,

and I've probably reheated my coffee for a 2nd or 3rd time.

My goal is to live from a mind and heart saturated by the gospel and what Jesus did for me.

 My husband is an elementary art school teacher, and our 3 littles keep us very very busy. 

I'm always up for a Costco run, grabbing coffee with a girlfriend, or a girls night
where we laugh and connect over appetizers until way to0 late!


But enough about me, let's get YOU those images of your family you've been dreaming of!