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On New Years Eve this year, my family and I were hanging out... and like many of you, we were waiting for the ball to drop... Before long we got caught up in a silly off the cuff game that had us all rolling!

As a parody of New Years resolutions (which I have nothing against, I actually plan to blog on mine later!), we each took turns proclaiming our goals for EACH OTHER. As you can probably imagine, we were DYING with some of the ones we came up with! Whether it was saying you had signed someone up for a marathon (joking of course), we were going for the extreme...stuff they never would probably try to do considering who they are and what their goals are.

But while I don't intend to bring YOU a goal that I know that know YOU can't accomplish, I wanted to let you in on my brain when it comes to my purpose and goal for YOU as my client.

At the end of golden hour, when you are loading your kids up in your car, you've buckled your seatbelt, you have a definite feeling about how your session went.

Are you frustrated because your kids didn't cooperate and you wonder if the photographer got ANY good shots?

Are you anxious because you felt you weren't getting anywhere and were running out of daylight?

Are you exhausted from trying to get everyone there, and the weeks of prep it took to get to this point?

Are you annoyed because your photographer didn't communicate well before your session?

Oh friend, that SO DOESN'T have to be you!

You SHOULD feel relaxed knowing that the photographer expects your child to be a child, knowing they have a short attention span.

You SHOULD feel SO excited about seeing your images (and know that you'll get to see them soon!) because you felt confident when the photos were being taken! You'll know you'll look great in your photos, because your photographer made sure to give clear directions when it came to where to put your hands, and encouraged verbally when you looked amazing!!

You SHOULD feel confident with the outfits you organized for your family and yourself (because someone explained in advance what colors and styles look good, and what doesn't).

You SHOULD feel like you had FUN. Yes, FUN! Your photographer told you what you needed to know in advance, and the questions you had, got answered! This is a CELEBRATION of your family and where you are right now!

I'm a firm believer that family portrait sessions should feel like your favorite new date night spot...fresh, fun, and something you look forward to. When you go to your favorite spot you have no doubt that what you will experience will be fun and amazing. You know exactly what to expect, and it doesn't disappoint!

My goal is that every client walk away feeling cared for, and confident, knowing they had a GREAT TIME.

I do everything I can to help you prepare for your session, and you should have no doubt that you'll walk away with something beautiful. I don't take your investment lightly. Your family, in this season, matters.

One of my very favorite things is hearing that that my clients love their photos, but even more, I LOVE hearing that they had a blast!

None of us knows how much time we have left, and I believe that no one ever regrets having beautiful photos of their family together. THIS moment matters. THIS day is a gift from God. Let's celebrate and capture it together!

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