Dear Daniel - 5 Year Anniversary

Dear Daniel,

Wow. 5. Years. Can you believe it?!?!

I remember the day of our wedding so vividly (and I'm so grateful for so many mind movies!). That morning we got breakfast together at Einstein's Brother's Bagels, and I think at least one of us got a green bagel (you know, with St. Patricks day being the next day and all!).

I've always thought it was so fitting that our wedding was the day before St. Patrick's Day...Ireland played such a huge part in our story, and I am always so grateful for all of the green that shows up in March because of all of the great memories associated with our Ireland trip back in college.

We were young college seniors, and I knew one thing... I liked you. a lot.

But it was such a gooooood thing that you initiated our infamous "DTR" in McClain hall before we embarked on the trip that would set in motion so many things in each of our lives.

You said that it "wasn't your intention to pursue a romantic relationship" and at that point, I assumed you didn't like me. Like, I knew you liked me as a friend, but as a girlfriend? um. no.

Boy, am I glad I was wrong.

When we parted ways after 6 weeks of living in Ireland with our Missions Exploration Team, I felt so torn inside. I think you helped me get to my gate at Newark, and it was there that we parted, back to upstate NY, and me back to the midwest. I mean, I knew we would meet up back at school with both of us about to start our senior year, but I also knew it would be so different.

Here we had literally lived in the same house, with the same host family, with our small little team for 6 weeks in a country that neither of us had any experience in...and now? We were about to re-enter the "grace bubble". And we weren't dating.

Here we are...5 years later, and....2 kids later, I'm amazed at how MUCH God can do with such little time. Five years just seems and feels so significant.

We've lived in 2 rentals, our lake house (our first house), with my parents, and now we have our new fixer upper here in Indianapolis. This summer will mark 5 homes in about 5 years. I think I'm ready to live here in this next house a little longer than the last few. ha! ;)

We've both faced significant painful trials, but individually and together. And I can't imagine facing the last 5 years without you. Between all of the crazy different things, the packing, the moving, the having a skunk live under our house (and then die and spray), the job stress, the new adventures, the trips to Chicago...ALL of it. Your steadfast hope and faith, your leaning in through painful all brings such richness and depth to the story that is us.

And...the statement..."home is wherever I'm with you" is so fitting.

Thank you, for the last 5 years...and I can't wait to see where the next 5 years takes us!


Your Katiebird

Wedding Photos: Verve Photography

4 Year Anniversary Photos: Jenn Plumlee Photography

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