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This is one of those blog posts where you just don't know where to start because it was simply AMAZING. It literally could not have gone any better! Josh and Amy are the cutest together, and I just love watching them love on their littles. Both of their sweet kiddos completely knocked it out of the park (they were practically posing THEMSELVES!). So when I say that this was a photographers DREAM... I REALLY mean it! Josh and Amy trusted me completely with their session, and WOW...I'm just SO thrilled with what came from our time together!

I am 100% about getting photos of you and your spouse when you have a family session. Those images are SO important because they show the foundation of your family! Both of you were the beginning of the love story God has been writing over your family, and those images mean so much later on when kids are grown. Imagine, what would you give you have photos of your parents together from your childhood? SO, all of that to say, I was so excited when Josh and Amy were up for anything I threw their way!, It was SO fun watching them respond to the poses and prompts I gave them. You can totally tell they are SO in love!

I'm over here melting over the photos we got of each of them with their daughter, Rylee, and their son, Griffin. Parenting is so hard and I'm always so encouraged by parents who love their kiddos so well! Knowing that they are directing their children to the Lord makes my heart so warm! You can so see that they want the absolute best for their kids, and are so tender in loving them!

As we moved through different poses and prompts, it was so special to get to listen in on how Amy told Rylee of when she was proud of her, and of her memories of bringing her home from the hospital. Taking these moments to pass on memories and words of affirmation are so meaningful, and I'm absolutely privileged to get to witness it!

I know I've said it here before, but just CHECK OUT those blue eyes in these photos! They are simply adorable kids! Not only were they completely rocking sweet outfits (again, a photographers DREAM!) they legit were the sweetest to photograph! It was literally like they had been trained to pose (totally didn't expect that!). Oh. my WORD .They made my job super easy!

Later that night, when I woke up with one of our kids in the middle of the night, I was literally thinking of how much fun their session was!

SOOO prepare yourselves for some MAJOR sweetness below!

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