The Roler Family | Province Park | Franklin, Indiana

I've been excited to take photos for the Roler Family for a while now, and when rain threatened to delay our shoot, I was a little nervous! BUT because Amy and Adam were willing to play it by ear and wait to make the call until the day of, we were able to take advantage of some amazingly beautiful light!

And OH. MY. GOODNESS...this light was SO GOOD. Not only did it not rain, the sun came out and it was so GLOWY!!! I'm so glad we didn't reschedule!!

Adam and Amy were up for any pose, and seeing them laugh together made taking photos of them so special! It's always super important to me to shots of couples together. Your family was started with the two of you and the covenant you made! AND on top of that, future generations will look back on these photos! What a legacy you have the opportunity to leave by your example and lives. We FOR SURE want to stop, remember, and cherish the story God has been writing in your lives!

Adam and Amy obviously know and love their kids to the hilt! Ella, Lily, Nathaniel, and William all did fantastic, and you can tell what AMAZING parents they have! I love seeing how they make one another laugh, and I'm always thrilled when siblings help behind the camera because they often know how to get the best laughs from their family members!

Thank you for the privilege of getting to photograph your sweet family! It was an honor to help you savor the season of life, and the story God is weaving together in your lives!

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