The Plumlee Family | Coxhall Gardens, Carmel Indiana | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I hope you're ready for some SERIOUSLY ADORABLE family photos, because I'm pretty sure you're going to be saying "Awwww!!!" as much as my heart is over this beautiful family!!

Jenn Plumlee and I first got connected through mutual photographer friend. We finally got to meet about a year ago (as she did a couple's session for Dan and I) and then we both attended a Photographers Workshop (held by Arielle Peters) in Goshen Indiana. With both Jenn and I being from Indianapolis, we were able to room together during the workshop and then carpool on the way home!

I'll never forget that workshop experience for several reasons, but one of the biggest ones was getting to know Jenn better, and realize how. many similarities we have in our lives! Jenn's husband, Kyle, actually was next door neighbors with my husband, during Dan's sophomore year at our Christian college, and so it was so cool to get to meet in person and swap stories!

SOOOOO, you can imagine I was THRILLED to get to meet up with the WHOLE Plumlee crew for a family session in Carmel! They just welcomed little Maverick into their family a few months ago, and it was COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY ADORABLE watching big brother Jack interact with him. SIMPLY. THE. CUTEST.

Jack is such a sweet little guy, and it was so fun watching him play with his parents and have fun! We had such a great time, and I it makes me SO excited to get our kiddos together for a playdate! It goes without saying that Kyle and Jenn love their little guys to pieces and it was such blessing to get to watch them parent them!

It was an honor to spend time with Jenn and Kyle, and I can't wait to hang out again soon! Enjoy a peak into their session below!

P.S. I will NEVER get over Coxhall Gardens. It is just GORGEOUS there and ANY client that wants their session there makes my heart so happy! Besides the idyllic grounds and architecture, the glow and the sweet light are so beautiful!

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