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I've been meaning to blog about our babymoon getaway for a while now, but with a busy couple of months leading up to maternity leave, I knew I'd just need to wait to sit and process my thoughts a bit here!

But finally, I'm sitting down to share a few images (ok...maybe more than a few..ha!) from our little getaway trip to Louisville, Kentucky, that we took over Dan's spring break a couple of months ago at the end of March!

Preparation for this baby has been different than each of our previous two pregnancies (which I'll probably get to in another blog post). But, one thing that made this pregnancy unique is that we intentionally planned a babymoon several months prior to welcoming our little guy (he's due early July!).

While we tossed around a few location ideas, we landed on Louisville, Kentucky because of it's distance to Indianapolis (only a couple of hours!), and not having explored that city together before.

Dan and I have enjoyed exploring new cities together since before we were married (we actually explored Dublin together before we even started dating - yet another story for another day!). So while for some, a getaway to the mountains or a camping type cabin trip may be a good fit, this trip was definitely "us" and I'm really glad we did it this way!

We also tried something new-er to us by scouting out and found a really cute little place to call our home base for the few days we were in the city! This was a GREAT choice as it afforded privacy, comfort, and easy access to the locations we mainly explored and chilled in.

Our Airbnb was a little tiny row house specifically used as a rental, and it was really well maintained and decorated! We loved getting to bring our own food and stock our own fridge there in the full kitchen (providing for easy meals together and simplified snacks instead of eating out all the time!). We stayed in little area off of Frankfort Avenue which ended up being really cute and perfect!

DISCLAIMER: THESE ARE IPHONE PHOTOS! (I definitely didn't haul my "big" camera around, and it was refreshing just to take shots as I wanted with my phone! Quality isn't great obviously, but I'm still glad I took the shots I did so we could remember!)

Here are a few highlights of what we enjoyed on our trip!


(Both of the ones we tried were within walking distance of our Airbnb!)



Some highlights were:

- Brunch at Con Huevos!

- Ice Cream at the Comfy Cow (SO yummy!)

- a trip downtown for Dan's hunt for Shrimp n' Grits (I had fish n' chips)


We took the guided tour, explored the museum, (and watched the video!), which I would recommend! I've always loved horses since childhood, and enjoyed watching the Kentucky Derby on tv, but had never visited Churchill Downs before! I was really glad we decided to take the time to walk around and I would definitely come back for the derby (probably with just Dan on a date day with how little our kids are right now!).

Also, as promised, here are a few shots of us dressed up in Jockey Silks (including me - the 20some weeks pregnant wife!). HA! It will be fun to show these to our little man someday. Haha!


This bridge (called "The Big Four Bridge") actually goes over the river and connects Indiana to Kentucky! It is about a half of a mile across (if we remember correctly) and we walked it several times back and forth (my Fitbit challenge loving self was very happy! ha!). It was beautiful in the evening. And, even though the colorful lights on the bridge (which we purposely came at sundown to see twice NEVER came on, it was still a really great memory and experience! Walks together are some of my favorite mini-dates with Dan!


As mentioned above, we did a LOT of walking (which was really good for me!) as well as actually did my planned workouts (also VERY glad I did that!). Dan also got to go on at least one long run while we were there. Working out looks different for each of us, but is very life-giving. Most of the time we have to squeeze it in around other commitments in order to make it a priority, so having the time and space to workout uninterrupted was sweet!

We could see some beautiful little spots within walking distance since we stayed near Frankfort Ave. and that made for simple little excursions!


Dan and I have been enjoying borrowing the full previous seasons of the show "Victoria" and it was really nice to be able to relax and knock out some episodes in the evening together back at our Airbnb!


We both love a great charcuterie board, and so we planned to bring some stuff for a quick simple one for one of our meals in Louisville! It was fun to just sit on the back porch of the Airbnb and munch on some yummy cheeses, crackers, and other goodies we'd brought along! It was simple and relaxing!

This trip was really sweet for both of us, and I'm SO GLAD that we did it! It wasn't super complicated, or stressful (or expensive really!), but that was really FINE for both of us who just needed some time AWAY.

So, a BIG thank you goes to my Mom and Dad who graciously took our two kiddos for a few days and nights so we could prioritize time together before the busy end of spring ahead of us.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're thinking of planning a babymoon in the near future!

KEEP IT SIMPLE: While there are a TON of options out there for different locations and destinations, make sure to keep the trip about time together and keep it as simple as possible so you don't wear yourselves out! Plan a few things to do and see, but keep it open for little excursions to new places and LOTS of time to just relax and chill! Think about what type of location you both can enjoy and go for that!

MAKE THE TIME: While this may seem obvious, and while we know everyone can't always make it work with their schedules or budgets, it really is worth it to just get away. Maybe you can only work in a single night or two away! Thats OK!! Even a staycation where you explore places in your own city may be enough space and time to reconnect, and get a breath of fresh air before welcoming a new little person into your family!

KNOW YOUR LIMITS: I'm REALLY thankful that we decided not to wait until much later in this pregnancy to do this trip. While it would have been way easier to fit it into our schedule in June, that would DEFINITELY not been as comfortable for me. We did this in the 2nd trimester and I recommend you try to get it in then. You'll have more energy to do things where you are visiting, and won't have the third trimester symptoms to slow you down!

This trip was perfect for us in a lot of ways, but one of the main reasons I look back on it was it fit the goals we had, and we had the right balance of activity and exploring and rest/downtime. I'm SO thankful we had the chance to go, and I would definitely do a babymoon again!

In the coming weeks (unless little guy decides to make a VERY early appearance!) I'm hoping to have the chance to share a little more of how we are preparing for baby #3! So, stay tuned!

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