The Ng Family Files | Tobias Benjamin Newborn | Indianapolis Family Photographer

On June 26 we welcomed Tobias (Toby) Benjamin Ng into our family! And BOY has it been a wonderful ride since!

But, words can't really express how EXCITED I am to share these amazing photos taken by our friend, Jordan Leffel. Jordan and I got connected via our friend Arielle Peters (through Arielle's photography workshop group) and I am just SO thrilled with the moments and images she captured for us a few days after Toby's birth.

I can't say enough about how sweet and understanding Jordan was with both of our littles!! First, she showed up with our favorite Starbucks COFFEE orders for Dan and I! How sweet is THAT?!?! AND, I have to say, knowing she has 3 little guys of her own at home, I knew she'd be a great fit to capture the energy of our two older kiddos!

It is a vulnerable time, being postpartum (these were taken about 10 days after Toby was born) and when you're not feeling 100% after recovering from birth, and when you have someone who meets you were you are and loves on you and your family? Well, it's just the kindness thing you can experience!

I may share more of his birth story later, but I wanted to share these incredible images with you, friends! Enjoy a sneak peek into the crazy and the sweetness that is my crew! Thank you, Jordan, for loving on us and preserving this sweet time for our family! We treasure these!!!

(P.S) I've tried to link below some of the items from our boys room/nursery!

Crib: Simmons Kids Slumber Time 4-in-1 Cobertible Crib

Crib Sheets: Target (5 years ago and still adorable)

Nursery Curtains: Target

"World" Rug: Amazon

Canvas art over crib: Original art by my husband, Dan!

Frames: IKEA

Moses basket and stand

Art in Black frames: street view/maps from three places meaning a LOT to us: New York (State where Dan was born and grew up), Indianapolis (My hometown), and Dublin Ireland (where we traveled together in college before we started dating!)

Nursery Light fixture: IKEA

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