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When Hallie Schaefer and I roomed together our sophomore year of college, I don't think either of us could have completely imagined all the amazing things God would be doing over the next 10 years.

We have 8 kids between our two crews, and they are all almost perfectly stair stepped! My kiddos loved hanging out with the Schaefer crew at a wedding last year, and it makes me want to get all of us together for a field trip one of these days!!

Hallie and Josiah are the incredible parents of these 5 adorable kiddos, and by golly, they should win some kind of award for getting 5 kids (7yrs and under) out the door for family portraits! All of their kids are delightful and I love watching Hallie and Josiah with them.

Their youngest two girls joined their family a bit early (born at 26 weeks!). Madelyn & Brielle are Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome survivors! It was quite the journey from their surgery in-utero and lengthy stay in the NICU as micro-preemies, to where they are today! So many people were praying for them, and they are quite the little warriors! Madelyn and Brielle are thriving now!

This is the third time I've had the privilege of photographing Hallie and Josiah Schaefer's lovely family (the first was their wedding!). I'm so grateful for this opportunity to celebrate and savor this season of parenting with them!

Enjoy this small preview from their family portrait session in Carmel, Indiana! There are so many more coming in their gallery!!

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